Buy a Volt Charger at 7-Eleven

Out in the city and in need of a powerbank? Get your pocket charger in 7-Eleven at stations in Copenhagen, Odense & Aarhus.

Start charging right away for 199kr

With the right cables and a full charger you already started charging before you had the chance to walk out of 7-Eleven.

Vægt: 80g
Kapacitet: 3500 mAh
(2 x almindeligt telefonbatteri)
14 x 68 x 68 mm
Inkl. Android og iPhone 5/6 kabler

Open when you need it

7-Eleven KBH H

Man-tors: 05:00-01:00
Fre-lør: Døgnåbent
Søndag: Lukker 01:00

7-Eleven Odense St.

Man-fre: 05.30-23:30
Lør-søn: 08.00-23.30

7-Eleven Aarhus H

Man-fre: 05:30-23:00
Lør-søn: 06:15-23:00