Roskilde Festival

27/6-2015 - 5/7-2015

Volt Recharging Service

With Volt Recharging Service at Roskilde Festival you will never have to worry about running out of power. Volt Mobile Charger recharges your phone in your pocket. Sign-up for a Volt Charger, charge your phone on the go and swap the charger to stay connected. Volt works with all phones and you can swap the Volt Charger once a day.

How it works

Volt Recharging Service makes your festival powerful in four easy steps.


Book a Volt Charger online - Avoid running out of power, jump the line and save money.


Pick up your Volt Charger at the festival and charge your phone on the go.


When out of power, simply swap the Volt Charger for a new fully charged. You can swap once a day for free.


Get hold of your friends, take pictures and share epic moments without running out of power.

Volt will simply keep your phone charged throughout the entire festival, so you can focus on enjoying it!

Where to find us

At Roskilde Festival you'll find our booths at these locations:

  •  B - Street City
  •  C - Game City
  •  Z - Volunteer Camping
  •  City Centre West (Wardrobe)
  •  City Centre West (Container)
  •  G - Apollo
  •  J - Silent Camping
  •  K - The Lake
  •  L
  •  M - Get A Tent East
  •  N - Get A Place
  •  City Centre East (Container)
  •  City Centre East (Wardrobe)
  •  R - Caravan
  •  Festival Area - Pavilion
  •  Festival Area - Graffiti Zone
  •  Get A Tent Central
  •  Backstage Village

Apple, Samsung, Nokia - you name it! Volt charges them all

The portable Volt Charger works with virtually any phone - even your 10 year old Nokia

The Volt Chargers connects with a short cable to your phone, for the charger to easily fit in your pocket, your bag or where it suits you. When the charger is empty, simply swap it for a fully charged one in our booth, so you can continue enjoying the festival with your friends!

You pay a refundable deposit for the charger that you can either choose to get refunded at the end of the festival or you can choose to bring the charger home to use in everyday life or at your next festival. If you have already got a Volt Charger from a previous festival or our webshop, you are welcome to bring that.

Festival-goers stay connected with Volt

At Volt our mission is to enable happy festival-goers to stay connected at festivals across Europe and US - always able to get a hold of friends, capture magic moments and and share their amazing experiences.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you end up not attending the festival you can get every single penny back!

We understand that your plans might change and this is why we offer you a full refund if you end up not going to the festival. By booking Volt in advance you avoid sold out and the ability to jump the long lines when picking up your charger at the festival.

To issue a refund please shoot us an e-mail at You can issue a refund up until one week before the festival starts.

How about my deposit?

You may at any time during the festival redeem your deposit by returning your Volt charger

Just remember hand in your volt charger before closing hours on the last day of the festival. Deposit will be returned to your bank account between 8-14 days. If you want to keep your Volt charger, you can pick up a free cable for charging your Volt charger in the Volt-container. In that case we'll keep your deposit and you will have a volt charger and infinite #powertogo.