The Volt team on a (very analogue) weekend retreat in Svendborg, November 2015

An ode to analogue

This might seem a strange choice of topic for a company whose main business is in charging phones, and actually fuelling the obsession with the digital world.

Occasionally we see comments on our festival posts like

“Nah mate, don’t need my phone at a festival, planning to get lost and go crazy — that’s the whole point!”

And sometimes, we can’t help but agree. Festivals are supposed to be about freedom (which, by the way, we neatly twisted into, freedom to charge your phone in your pocket), and we’re all festival people — that’s how we ended up at Volt in the first place. Tobias, our CEO, jokes that sometimes he’d love to leave his phone in hand-in charging and take a break from the constant demand and distraction of the digital world.

Why charge phones?

As an explanation, of sorts, we charge phones because back in 2011, we saw a need for it, at Roskilde Festival. The smartphone epidemic was spreading like wildfire, and smartphone users and abusers were all faced with one problem – power. You’ve probably familiar with these latest additions to the pyramid of human needs…

The pyramid of human needs from primary to secondary

If we stopped charging phones at festivals, it wouldn’t do much to discourage smartphone addicts. That’s an addiction with a much bigger problem at it’s root.

Digitally hooked

A study by eMarketer showed that US adults spend around 3 hours a day using their mobile device (excluding making calls). Meanwhile, a study by Silentnight showed that people now spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes on media devices a day, but only 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping.

If you’re a smartphone addict, you’re probably well aware that majority of the time you’re looking at your phone is out of habit, not necessity. Opening your email inbox and pulling it down, just in case there were new emails out in the ether that didn’t come through automatically, or scrolling and re-scrolling through the same posts in your social media feeds.

Think of all the time spent on those habitual activities, that could be spent doing something good for you, or enjoyable. In my case, singing, cooking, swimming, being with friends. I don’t do enough of this, because “I don’t have time”.

Real Life

The digital world is amazing, but there is only so much it can do for us. The natural world, and the old “analogue” way of being together with friends and loved ones, is something that simply can’t be replicated by emoji or beautiful Instagram feeds.

So here is the preach, from us, the most powered-up smartphone addicts out there:

Don’t lose yourself in the digital so much that you forget the beauty of RL (Real Life). This way, you’ll use your phone more efficiently too — and won’t have to worry about battery so often!

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