No need for Car-batteries at festivals, this year you have Volt.

Renting a pocket sized charger for your phone, is the future for German festival-goers.

For the second time around, the phone charging service from Volt is available at several German festivals this summer. The small Volt Charger fits right in the pocket and charges your phone, whether you are rocking out at a concert, chilling in the camp or exploring the festival area.

Now you don’t have to haul a heavy car-battery to the festival anymore!
The only thing you need is to bring your phone. Volt provides with a portable phone charger including cables for all phones. Rent a Volt Charger during the festival at a reduced online price + a deposit (Volt will refund your deposit when submitting the Volt Charger the last day). Pick it up at the festival and when empty, swap it to a new one at the Volt booth. That way you can charge on the go throughout the festival, without having to depend on an electrical outlet.

With more and more German festivals introducing a festival app, the need for a charged phone has never been more present. To be able to stay on top of the latest news, find the way around and keep track of scheduled concerts. Also anyone who has tried to search for hours after friends at a festival, now see the benefits of staying connected with a charged phone. Rent a Volt Charger and keep connected with friends at the festival.

This summer you find Volt’s portable charging at:
In Germany at SouthsideHurricaneDeichbrandsplash! and Melt!M’era LunaHighfieldChiemsee Summer and earlier this season at Rock am RingRock im Park. In Switzerland at OpenAir StGallen.

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