Portable power and free Wi-Fi to keep smartphones running at Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival and Volt are going to secure online availability throughout the festival.

The new Roskilde Festival app will send you a reminder when your smartphone is running out of power and shows where to find the nearest Volt container. Along with Roskilde Festival’s free WI-FI hotspot offer to all festival-goers, it’s a strategy to ensure ease of use and easy online accessibility. Behind the development of the festival app is Greencopper which is a company specialized in developing digital solutions for festivals – the power is supplied by Volt.

- Volt solves a very specific challenge for the guests of the festival, where charging is not as easily available as in everyday life. So we’re really excited to offer the solution. At the same time we are working on our mobility solutions, and would of course like to have our guests play with and use them as much as possible without worrying about wasting power, said Christina Bilde, spokeswoman Roskilde Festival.

Volt’s charging service was developed in collaboration with Roskilde Festival’s innovation department, and is for the festival guest who does not want to be tied to a charging station for several hours. At Volt you’ll get a small portable charger that charges your phone in your bag or pocket. When the charger is empty it can be exchanged for a new fully charged, that way you always have power on the go.

- As we know from home, we need to charge our power hungry smartphones at least once a day. With apps to find the best food and clean toilets, the smartphone has today become an integral part of the festival experience. Therefore, it is important that festival guest use their phone without worrying about running out of power, says Trygve Aabye Dam, Volt.

Due to popular demand and the increasing number of smartphones, Volt had sold out at the Roskilde Festival the recent years. Therefore, this year seven stalls at the festival should make it’s even easier to rent the portable chargers.

- We have done everything we can to offer even more festival-goers the freedom it gives when you do not have to think about power. However, we recommend anyone to pre-book the Volt charger online, to make sure that you have power when arriving at the festival, concludes Trygve Aabye Dam from Volt.

If you want to get hold of Volt’s portable phone charger, we recommend you to book online in advance, since they are selling very well at Roskilde festival that started Sunday, June 29.

Volt started in 2012 at Roskilde Festival with 500 customers.
In 2013, Volt had sold out with 10,000 festival-goers using the portable charging service.
This year, Volt has built 7 booths with a total capacity of 30.000 users.
Roskilde Festival offers free Wi-Fi hotspots in 2014 to all festival-goers.
The new Volt charger provides 3500 mAh (enough to charge an iPhone 5S 1 ½ times) and coated electronics so that it can cope with the tough festival environment with rain and dust.

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