Volt at Roskilde Festival 2015

Roskilde 2015, thank you!

Several weeks have past, and we’re still recovering from our best year ever at Roskilde Festival. We cannot thank you enough – amazing team, awesome, positive customers, and everyone who made this year such a great one.

Those of you who went to Roskilde Festival may remember the photo competition we ran on Instagram, for which the prize is to do it all over again – winning a ticket to Roskilde Festival 2016.

Well, the photos are in – there were hundreds and they were awesome – and we at Volt HQ have all voted for our favourites. So without further ado, the winners of a ticket each to Roskilde Festival 2016 aaaaaaare:






Stort tillykke to you guys! We’ll be in touch soon to sort out your free ticket. Meanwhile, here are a few photo-highlights from a very Volt-y Roskilde…

Daniel Urhoj 0165 (1)Daniel Urhoj 3901
thehazertazer at Roskilde 126thehazertazer at Roskilde 106
thehazertazer at Roskilde 035thehazertazer at Roskilde 162
Daniel Urhoj 4398Daniel Urhoj 4413
Daniel Urhoj 0787Daniel Urhoj 4291
Daniel Urhoj 3618Daniel Urhoj 2678
Daniel Urhoj 1921Daniel Urhoj 1353

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