Time has come to say thanks

Time has come to say thanks

During Volts 3 year lifespan, things have been going really, really fast. Growing like this brings a lot challenges. Challenges we have managed as a team. We have been going from a simple camping wagon to 5 containers, 14 flightcases, 4 powertrucks, 3 bikes and 100.000 batteries bought. The organization has grown from a cellar to a 20-people office, with defined teams and a specialized festival crew.

Here is your charger, go enjoy

As of today more than 120.000 users have experienced our service throughout the years. A service that always starts with a smile and time enough to explain the festival-goer our concept. When we meet the festival crowd, we have one thing in mind: happy customers. And we have succeeded with this. Our customers are fucking jumping around because they love what we do! What can be more rewarding than delivering something like this?

Building a culture and a mindset

Saying that our service is life changing might be an exaggeration, but nonetheless – these small things of positivity and openness in peoples everyday lives has the potential to affect the route we take as individuals. That is why it is so important that every customer leaves the Volt booth with a feeling of increased opportunity; that we, the service, our spirit and attitude towards life opens up their minds as well.

You are the foundation

This reality can only keep growing from one point. And this point is you – our incredible team. Everything takes its departure here. Forget about batteries, containers, software systems and all our other assets. The biggest asset we have here this thing called Team Volt. A lot of focus from the outside world has been directed towards Trygve, Rune and me. True – we got the idea, and started this movement. But today we are not defining Volt. Volt is held up by hundreds of hands and ingenious minds making all the dots come together.

Yep: that’s you.

Taking the next step as a team

What if we took more of the big decisions together? That is what we have thought about a lot. In the beginning of autumn a lot of difficult decisions has to be made. How do we develop new markets? How do we cut our expenses in off-season? How do we destroy the term off-season?

Trygve, Rune and I have been discussing these questions a lot. And we believe that moving forward from here is very difficult without your input.

Setting up a Team Advisory Board

The plan is to make an open Team Advisory Board, where everyone that works for Volt is welcome. At these meetings, which will typically happen in the evening every second month, there will be space to discuss how we should develop the company. Decisions and recommendations from these meetings may be directly implemented into the way we work.

The first meeting will happen in end September / start October. The date is going to be announced in email and on the Facebook groups. We will try to get the discussions started before the meeting.

More info to come. I promote that anyone interested in shaping the future of Volt participates in these kind of meetings.


Lastly, I want to thank you personally for taking such a big part out of your life and investing it in Volt. I hope that you feel that this investment is coming manyfold back to you, now and in the future.

I am trying to make myself easier accessible. If there is something I can do for you personally, give me a call at +45 5188 8525 or send me an email at tobias@getvolt.dk. Don’t ever hesitate – it is my most important job to make sure you feel good about what you do.


Tobias Aabye Dam CEO Volt ApS


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