Volt is hiring new supercharged talents


In the summer months Volt multiply in size as we rollout our innovative mobile charging service, in cooperation with our awesome volunteers. We aim to create a service and a product that is in constant development and improvement. In order to keep raising the bar and keep up with constant demand, we are looking for new talents.

Below you’ll find a selection of our current job openings.

Marketing Manager – full time

Are you an entrepreneurial and growth hacking marketing professional?
– As our new Marketing Manager you turn the Volt portable charging solution into a global brand.
Read more: getvo.lt/1CPCJCM

Supply Chain Manager – full time

Are you a system-loving, progressive and energetic leader?
– As our new Supply Chain Manager you’ll be the mastermind behind our supply chain in 2015 through more than 7 countries and 50+ events.
Read more: getvo.lt/1JeU4qH

German HR Manager – full time

Are you a driven and open-minded organizational wizard?
– As our new Copenhagen based German HR Manager you’ll be in charge of Human Resources and customer happiness in our German branch.
Read more: getvo.lt/1BFsmo0

Business Development Intern – min. 20 hours/w

Are you a strategy-focused business development superhero?
– Apply now to become our new Business Development Intern and help the company grow through B2B sales, lead generation and new sales procedure designs.
Read more: getvo.lt/1ErHUd7

Software Engineering Intern – min. 20 hours/w

Are you passionate about solid software design and relational databases?
– Join our team and help create business critical software, backend systems with distributed databases and data synchronization.
Read more: getvo.lt/1L0EGSo

HR Intern – min. 20 hours/w

Are you passionate about people management, recruitment and talent development?
– Join Volt as our new HR Intern and help us recruit, train and motivate the hundreds of volunteers that embody the Volt spirit in 50+ festivals throughout 2015.
Read more: getvo.lt/1ut9DKj

Learn more about these and many more on getvolt.dk/jobs

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