Volt Roskilde Festival Team Leader 2016


As a Volt Team Leader you’ll be part of a team of spirited young, bright-minded festival-lovers with one common goal: To keep people powered and connected.

Our mission is to empower people to connect with the ones they care about by providing access to power whenever and wherever it is needed. We want everyone to enjoy the freedom of never running out of power nor leaving their phone behind when charging.


Supervising, guiding and motivating

As a Volt Team Leader you lead the way to ensure we’re delivering outstanding customer service at festivals and events. Happiness is contagious, so we want you to ensure the volunteer sales staff, and our customers, stay happy. You’ll delegate their workload, and you monitor the sales and operations to make sure it’s done correctly.

Working on festivals usually means a mass of bubbly happy people, unique memorable moments with friends, music everywhere, vulnerability, excitement, extreme emotions and extreme weather (good or bad). That is why we love festivals, and we’re sure you do too. If you’ve never been to a festival before, don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll be enchanted by the orange feeling in a jiffy.



Your responsibilities as Team Leader

  • Coaching, motivating and managing volunteer sales staff

  • Improving sales of our charging service onsite

  • Daily operations in your Volt stall, including safety procedures

  • Simple accounting, balancing cashiers, stock control

  • Reporting customer feedback and sales data to the managerial team.

The perks

  • You get to attend the amazing Roskilde Festival

  • You are most likely going to make a bunch of new friends

  • You’ll get invaluable learnings in event operations and people management

  • We’re giving you food allowances to pay for all the delicious festival food

The challenges

  • The volunteers won’t always be feeling happy and motivated, so it’s your job to think of ways to inspire them before it starts affecting customer service. Sounds easier than it is

  • Festival-goers can unfortunately go from happy Volt-fans to drunken grumble heads. Get ready to have your patience and communication skills tested to the limit

  • Concerts, little sleep, exposure to sun or rain, party people. Festival life is extreme, and you’ll have to cope with it, self-manage and accurately employ your energy.


  • Daily workload: 6-7 hours supervising and performing sales for Volt.

  • Roskilde Festival starts on the 25th of June and ends the 2nd of July. It is a 9 day long festival where you’ll get one day off during the festival to recharge your own batteries.
  • You’ll of course be accredited to the festival and we camp in the crew campsites
    Volt provides you with a tent, but you will have to bring a sleeping mat or float bed, sleeping bag, and other necessities.


  • DKK 2500 plus holiday provision, and of course your food allowances.


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Marie Abildhauge Olesen

HR Manager


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