Portable phone charging at Roskilde Festival

Avoid having to leave your phone, wait for charging or stand in line every day. Volt provides you with a small portable charger with swapping service, so you can charge your phone on the go.

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Deposit 200 DKK. Offer expires in .

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Swapping service
250 DKK
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199 DKK

199 DKK + deposit. Offer expires in

100% battery in your pocket

Our portable Volt Charger provides more than a full charge on an iPhone 8. The charger is small and fits perfectly in your pocket or your fanny bag, while charging your phone.

Swap when your charger is empty

When your Volt Charger is empty, simply swap it at one of our locations for a new fully charged. No need to wait in line or leave your phone behind for charging.

28 swapping locations

At Roskilde Festival we'll have 28 swapping locations throughout the camping and festival area. We want it to be easy for you to always have power in your phone, no matter where you are.

Volt at Roskilde Festival with online discount

The swapping service at the festival: 250 DKK

199 DKK

+ deposit

Offer expires in

What am I paying for?

When using Volt you'll get a small portable charger including access to our swapping service at the festival. You pay for the swapping service and a refundable deposit for the Volt Charger.

Swapping service

250 DKK   199 DKK

The swapping service enables you to swap your Volt Charger for a fully charged once a day. At Roskilde Festival 2018 we'll find us at 28 mobile and stationary booths across the festival area.

Volt Charger Deposit

200 DKK

To use our swapping service you'll need our Volt Charger which you pay a deposit for. At the festival we'll handout the Volt Charger including cable that fits your phone. At the end of the festival you can choose to bring the Volt Charger home or return it and get back your deposit.

Volt Charger

Our small portable charger is protected by a waterproof and scratch-resistant casing, ready to withstand even the toughest festival environment.

Cables for all phones

The charger comes with a short custom-made cable. We've cables for iPhones, Android and USB-C.

100% in iPhone 8

The Volt Charger holds 3500 mAh. This is enough power for more than a full charge of an iPhone 8.

Fast charging

The Volt Charger provides 1.5A, this is 50% faster than a normal wall charger. Most phones will fully charge in less than 90 min.

Pocket friendly

Being smaller than a pack of cigarettes the Volt Charger fits perfectly in your pocket.

Pick up your Volt Charger in a 3 Store

Jump the pick up line at the festival. Book your Volt Charger and pick it up in 10 selected 3 Stores across Denmark today.

The service is offered in collaboration with

You can pick up your pre-booked Volt Charger in one of the following 10 selected 3 Stores while supplies last or until June 29th.


Vimmelskaftet 35, 1161 København K

3Butikken Kultorvet

Frederiksborggade 1, 1360 København K

3Butikken Falkoner

Falkoner Allé 25, 2000 Frederiksberg

3Butikken Fields

Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, 2300 København S

3Butikken Lyngby

Lyngby Storcenter, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

3Butikken Roskilde

Algade 20, 4000 Roskilde

3Butikken Odense

Kongensgade 11, 5000 Odense C

3Butikken Århus C

Søndergade 62, 8000 Aarhus C

3Butikken Aalborg

Østerågade 2, 9000 Aalborg

3Butikken Næstved Storcenter

Næstved Storcenter 3, 4400 Næstved

In order to pick up your Volt Charger you have to book your Volt Charger and swap service for Roskilde Festival through this page.

Protect your phone

During the last 6 years we have been to over 200 festivals. We know that you need more than power to get your phone through a festival.

We have used and tested several phone covers and screen protectors to keep our phones safe at festivals.

We're proud to annonce, that the products that we use, are now available to you too.

Protect your phone with our all-around silicone cover and our sapphire-grade tempered glass screen protector.

199 DKK 250 DKK

iPhone All-around Cover

Protect your phone with our silicone coated hard-case cover. Like the Volt Charger, the cover is made for festivals and offers a 360 protection of your phone.

Available for iPhone 5/5s, SE, 6/6s, 7, 8 and X

49 DKK 100 DKK

iPhone Screen Protector

Protect your screen when you're at the festival. The screen protector is made of high-end Tempered Glass™ and will protect your phone against cracks if you drop it.

Available for iPhone 5/5s, SE, 6/6s, 7, 8 and X

Products are available as add-ons during checkout.

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When you book Volt for Roskilde Festival, you'll receive a unique referral link to share with your friends. This gives your friends 5% off the Volt service at Roskilde Festival. When 5 of them book Volt, we'll refund your 200 DKK deposit and you get to keep your Volt Charger at the end of the festival.

Festival-goers stay connected with Volt

At Volt our mission is to enable happy festival-goers to stay connected at festivals across Europe and US - always able to get a hold of friends, capture magic moments and and share their amazing experiences.

You can always cancel

If you end up not attending the festival you can get every single penny back!

We understand that plans change, so we want to make it easy for you, if for some reason you end up not going to the festival.

If you need to cancel and get a refund before the festival, you will need to submit a refund request. You can cancel up until one week before the festival starts.

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