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Volt is a young and dynamic Copenhagen based startup powered by a diverse team of happy, festival-loving people.

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Hard work leads to happy customers

Volt is a company focused on delivering the very best mobile charging solution available to smartphones at festivals and events alike. We basically cater anywhere and anyplace where people find themselves absent from traditional power outlets, for longer durations of time. Volt was founded in 2011 by three festival loving, experience seeking and design possessed graduates, and is now an established company located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2012 Volt introduced its services at Denmark’s to largest festivals: Roskilde and Smukfest. In just two days we were blown away and had to announce that we were sold-out. Our thousand introductory customers expressed mutual love towards the product:

“The best festival invention since canned food”

“You have saved my festival”

The demand for Volt increased, and by the end of the summer 2013 Volt supplied portable power to a total of 19 festivals in 4 different countries, to more than 40.000 happy customers. In 2014 Volt set a new record by providing portable power to more than 90.000 grateful customers attending 38 festivals in six different countries. In 2015 we want to expand once again. To achieve this we need even more bright people and helping hands.


So, what's it like working for Volt?

Don't worry buddy! Below you'll find answers to all of your questions.

Who are the people at Volt?

Volt is a team of young, passionate part-time and full-time employees. We are a happy bunch in the age group of 23-33 and we range from the small 1,65 m to the tall 1,90 m, and consume carrots to shawarmas alike.
In the summer months we multiply in size and together we roll-out our unique mobile charging service, in cooperation with our awesome volunteers. We aim to create a service and a product that is in constant development and improvement, ensuring that we are always one step ahead of our customers’ needs.

How do you work?

Working for Volt is not just another job. You'll become part of young and dynamic team in a company with a flat leadership structure and in rapid growth. Through responsibility you will be given the opportunity to make a difference at Volt and for our customers, while developing your own skills.
We regard the working environment at Volt highly, and understand the significance it plays in maintaining a healthy and strong work ethic. For that reason we hold weekly staff meetings, workshops and evaluations after main events, staff dinners, trips to the sauna, not to forget the almost weekly Thursday cake and Friday beers at the office.


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Student projects

At Volt we're constantly eager to learn, develop and improve.

We're always looking for bright students who are interested in the concept and that are ready to help us either by investigating new areas or by challenging our thoughts. You can work with everything from optimising the work flow in the containers, over marketing strategies to the art of practising financial control in a fast growing startup. Please feel free to freestyle and apply with your idea for a project!

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Questions? Send us an email on projects@getvolt.dk.