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The Volt Volunteer programme is one of the coolest around. Really.

Volunteer at Roskilde Festival 2018!

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First time with Volt?

Volt rents out small portable chargers that enables festival-goers to charge their phones on the go. At Volt we believe, that when you're at a festival you should not spend half of your time waiting for your phone to charge! We provide a fast and portable charging service, so our users can focus on enjoying their festival. Volt users don’t queue in the pissing rain, they’re not tied to an outlet or – even worse – without a phone (or camera!) for hours each day. Volt puts the fest back in festival. Keep on reading to learn more about volunteering with Volt!

What exactly am I gonna do?

Together with like-minded volunteers you'll spread happiness and tell people about our service from our custom build containers and bikes. When people get hit by an epiphany and realise that they can't live without us, you will sign them up, get payment, and hand out their first Volt Charger. Apart from that, you'll swap Volt Chargers when needed and help our users get the absolute best festival experience ever!

How many hours do I work at the festival? 

As a Volt volunteer you will work 32 hours split up on 4 shifts. 

Can I work with a friend?

You book your shifts yourself online prior to the festival. This gives you a better chance of influencing when and where you will be working as well as coordinating with friends. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get the exact shifts you wanted the most. 

What does Volt expect of me?

Apart from wanting new friendships, we expect you to be outgoing, cheerful and deliver a damn good festival service. We do not tolerate any alcohol during shifts, so we expect you to hold up your end of the deal and complete all of your shifts, sober :). And of course we expect you to be onboard with the fun and exciting festival atmosphere – just like all of our awesome users!

What will I get in return?

Well, first and foremost you get unlimited street credit from your homies and you get to be a part of a very cool team... but on top of that, you'll receive a festival wristband giving you access to the entire festival, free Volt charging service at the festival, the famous volunteer-only Volt Cap and free drinks and snacks during shifts.

How old do I have to be, to be a volunteer for Volt?

At festivals in Denmark you must be at least 16 years old.

When do I get an answer to my application?

It will be stated in the confirmation email, that you receive shortly after applying, so no need to worry, if you have received the confirmation email we will get back to you. But sometimes it can take up to 3-4 weeks. Please make sure you get you email right, otherwise we can’t get in touch with you!

Can I get in contact with other volunteers before the festival?

Yes, we will make a closed Facebook group for all volunteers who are going to the festival for you to arrange shared travel, camping together and for posting important information regarding you volunteering for Volt at the festival.

Where do I camp at the festival?

At Roskilde Festival you will have access to the "medarbejder" camp (the volunteer camp), but you are also very welcome to camp out in the normal camping areas and get the full festival experience. "Medarbejdercampen" is a clean and silent area where workers can rest.

Do I have to pay for my own food at the festivals?

Yes, as a volunteer for Volt, you will have to take care of your own food. We will provide drinks and a few snacks during your shift, but not any actual meals.

Volunteer Deposit

Deposit, why must we pay this?

We have promised the festival and the festivalgoers to give them the best service possible, and for that we need the right amount of people. We have in the past had some trouble with people jumping off last minute, we hope that paying a deposit will make sure this doesn’t happen.

Deposit, how much is it and how do I pay?

The deposit is 500 Danish kroner, and when you have been approved, to become a volunteer for Volt, you will by mail receive a link with a clear instruction on how and when this has to be paid. Within 10 working days after the festival, and only if you have completed your shifts you will get all your money back. Please note that at Roskilde Festival, if you do not complete your shifts, Volt is obliged to let Roskilde festival know, and they will send you an invoice on the full amount of a Partout Roskilde Festival ticket.

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