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A team leader at Volt really gets the best of both worlds; a fantastic festival experience and a meaningful work experience. If you're looking for responsibility and the chance to improve your event management skills, this is for you!

Join us at Roskilde Festival 2019!

Roskilde is a huge festival and we need a huge crew. We're looking for a lot of people to join our most awesome Roskilde team yet. Could you be a team leader at Roskilde Festival?

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What does a Team Leader do?

As a Volt Team Leader you lead the way to ensure we’re delivering outstanding customer service at Roskilde. Happiness is contagious, so we want you to ensure the volunteer sales staff, and our customers, stay happy. You’ll delegate their workload, and you monitor the sales and operations to make sure everything is running smoothly.


  • Coaching, motivating and managing volunteer sales staff
  • Improving sales of our charging service onsite
  • Daily operations in your Volt stall, including safety procedures
  • Simple accounting, balancing cashiers, stock control
  • Reporting customer feedback and sales data to the managerial team.

Perks of the job

  • You get to attend Roskilde Festival
  • You are most likely going to make great friends in our tight-knit Volt team
  • You’ll get invaluable learnings in event operations and people management
  • We’re giving you food allowances to pay for all the delicious festival food
  • The team leader position is a paid one!


  • The volunteers won’t always be feeling happy and motivated, so it’s your job to think of ways to inspire them before it starts affecting customer service. Sounds easier than it is
  • Festival-goers can unfortunately go from happy Volt-fans to drunken grumble heads. Get ready to have your patience and communication skills tested to the limit
  • Concerts, little sleep, exposure to sun or rain, party people. Festival life is extreme, and you’ll have to cope with it, self-manage and accurately employ your energy.

Practical info

  • Roskilde Festival is a 9 day long festival where you’ll get four days off during the festival to recharge your own batteries. You'll be working 8 hours and 30 minutes per shift. Besides that you'll need to participate in daily briefings during the festival and a training day before the festival starts.
  • You’ll be accredited to the festival and we camp in the crew campsites (that means nice camping!)
  • Salary for working at Roskilde Festival: 1000 DKK plus holiday provision and 1800 DKK in food allowances.

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If you have any questions what so ever, feel free to contact us at jobs@getvolt.dk.