CPH Pride Charger

CPH Pride Charger

249 DKK

Support CPH Pride When you buy our CPH Pride Charger you support Copenhagen Pride and their work for human rights and equality for LGBTQ people locally and globally.

Incl. Support Wristband This package comes with the official Copenhagen Pride Support Wristband. Normal price: 60,-

Supporting LGBTQIA

50% of sales directly support Copenhagen Pride and their work for human rights and equality for LGBTQIA people locally and globally.

Why choose Volt?

With the Volt you get a high quality and reliable portable charger, that keeps you in charge wherever you go.

Pocket friendly

Our portable Volt Charger is small and pocket friendly, for you to bring wherever you go.

Cables for all phones

The charger comes with short cables supporting nearly all phones. You get a micro USB (Android) and an iPhone cable.

Designed in Denmark

The charger is designed with industry-leading components to withstand the most demanding environments.

A powerful little friend

The pocket-sized Volt Charger recharges an iPhone 8 in about 90 minutes.
Depending on model and usage the charger will give you 1-2 full charges on your phone.

Pass-through charging

We made it easy, to keep all your devices charged. Recharge both the Volt Charger and your phone at the same time. We make sure to charge your phone first.

Never miss a magic moment

Don't worry about running out of battery again. Volt keeps you powered up, wherever you go!


Capacity 3500 mAh @ 3.7V
Output 1.5A
Weight 82 g
Dimensions 68 mm x 68 mm x 14 mm
Condition Refurbished
In the box Volt x Copenhagen Pride Charger, iPhone lightning cable, Micro USB cable